Fix “You are logged into a Temporary Profile” in Windows 7

When using Windows 7, if you receive a message in the bottom right of the desktop stating that “You are logged into a Temporary Profile.” this indicates that your user profile is corrupt. It also means that the system will not retain any profile changes / files created by this user until the problem is

Windows 7 SP1 Goes Live (32-bit & 64-bit)

Time to run trusty old windows update and pickup Windows 7 SP1, which has literally just gone live. In addition to the usual raft of security, performance & stability improvements we can also expect better HDMI audio interconnectivity, and better folder restoration… but will it cure the hit-and-miss content display refresh issues (certainly hope so,

Mobile Voice & Data on London’s Tube Network Within 12 Months!

Big news, but I have no idea if it is great news or terrible news. For me, on balance, I think it’s good news, but I suspect many will be horrified. Anyway, it was bound to happen at some stage, but it looks set to happen very quickly indeed! Yet another thing to love

Support DRM Free Music & Get Radiohead’s New Album for £6!

You can have a real impact on DRM in music today, and cast a vote for a fairer, better, more environmentally friendly music industry, by ordering Radiohead’s new album “King of Limbs” today, directly from their website; Furthermore, the MP3 version of their album is only £6 and the WAV version only £9! In my humble opinion they