Blade Runner “multi-platform” Prequel & / or Sequel?

Reuters today posted a news item on a possible “reboot”, as they call it, of Blade Runner. Any film lover will agree this is pretty exciting, and whilst we’d all love Ridley Scott to make the new stuff it looks like this honour / privilege / responsibility is, perhaps strangely, going to go to the …

Support DRM Free Music & Get Radiohead’s New Album for £6!

You can have a real impact on DRM in music today, and cast a vote for a fairer, better, more environmentally friendly music industry, by ordering Radiohead’s new album “King of Limbs” today, directly from their website; Furthermore, the MP3 version of their album is only £6 and the WAV version only £9! In my humble opinion they …

Excellent Theatrical & Literary Resource

Penn State University’s Electronic Classics Series Site is a suprisingly comprehensive and clearly laid out resource for clear, high quality PDFs of plays, classical works, religious texts and stories from around the world! I’m envious of their impressive collection! There should be more resources like this!


Greek & Roman Gods

Below is my very simple, clean & clear summary table of the most commonly discussed Greek & Roman gods, something I had surprising difficulty in finding online elsewhere! It is worth noting that the Gods of each culture were based on the same core concept / understanding and as such they share both a structure …

Save Auntie / The Beeb / The BBC!!!

Plans are afoot to cripple / diminish one of the “crown jewels” of English, and indeed British culture!!! Please visit the link below to swiftly and effectively express your displeasure and support the Beeb!