System Settings Configuration Manager

Just been using “Quick Config” an excellent tool for managing different system profiles in any version of Windows (inc Windows 7). It allows you to quickly & easily change; System, Network, Browser, Application & Desktop settings by swapping between profiles. You can create any number of said profiles, changing anything fromĀ a single setting to large …

Large File Sharing

Have been looking for a fast, clean, simple large file sending / sharing service recently and my findings are below! 1. appeals to me, simple, clean, fast & 5GB filesize cap is huge. 2. confidential file? Your covered! Up to 2GB filesize. 3. I was going to add a third option for the …

McAfee “False Positive” System Damage Repair – aka “5958”

Yesterday McAfee released an update (DAT No 5958) which incorrectly identified a vital Windows XP system file (svchost.exe) as a virus and deleted it, ( resulting in some or all of the following symptoms, amongst others; 1. Repeated rebooting of the system. 2. Loss of Windows “Theme” / “Look & Feel”. 3. Missing “Taskbar”. 4. …


Some excellent PRINCE2 specific resources; Developers & Maintainers (OGC) Official PRINCE2 Site Official Certification Body (APMG) Summary Process Map (Best Printed on A3): Project Management Software (They also have a great free resources section) Wiki / mini-quizzes & beyond (Also see their PRINCE2 Processes & PRINCE2 Project Board “colour cards”) Best UK Residential Course!

Connectivity Check

A very nice connectivity checker (global) to check your internet connection quality & performance. Work – Woking, UK – 10MB 1:1 Uncontended Leased Line – BT; Home – Leatherhead, UK – 16MB 20:1 Contended ADSL – Nildram / Tiscali; Other similar tools;