Connectivity Check

A very nice connectivity checker (global) to check your internet connection quality & performance. Work – Woking, UK – 10MB 1:1 Uncontended Leased Line – BT; Home – Leatherhead, UK – 16MB 20:1 Contended ADSL – Nildram / Tiscali; Other similar tools;

iPad Mini!

Surely the next big thing! đŸ˜‰ Apple, apple, apple, tut, tut, tut, changes the size, changes the name, but won’t change the control freakery… what a surprise!!! The worst thing is; it will be huge! Consumers eh! “Oooooohhhh Shiny! Ooooooohhh Apple!” (*Sound of zombie like opening of wallet*)

Free SSL Certificates is offering an amazing community service by allowing people to generate & manage free SSL certificates for themselves! It’s real, it’s true and it works! This is a huge step forward for the internet and all other companies offering SSL certificates / claiming that they care about the security of the internet / internet …