Free Antivirus 2012 – Personal & Home Use

Following my, ongoing and copious, research and testing I currently strongly recommend organisations use one of Kaspersky’s excellent Open Space Security offerings. But what about your home laptop / workstation? Well, here again I recommend Kaspersky’s PURE 2.0 offering if you have the money to spare, but if you don’t, and let’s face it money is particularly

iFilters – For Microsoft Search (inc SharePoint, SQL Server, Desktop)

iFilters are “translators” that Microsoft products can use to enable search indexing of different file types. Products that take advantage of iFilters include; – SharePoint (2010) – SQL Server (In particular the “SQL Server Full Text Search” service) – Windows Desktop Search iFilters; Microsoft Office – (Includes; 2010, 2007, 2003, OneNote, Visio, Publisher, ODF and

SharePoint 2010 / Database Virtualization

SharePoint virtualization is an oft discussed area of IT consolidation and thus features a number of opinions and guidelines. One of its most misunderstood areas is database virtualisation. Whilst it is generally felt that the database foundation of the system should not be virtualized (as with almost all virtualization projects, the inclusion of the database