Enterprise Anti-Virus

Following some serious research into the leading players in the enterprise anti-virus market I am happy to reveal that my simple conclusion is that you should only really be considering either Kaspersky or G-Data.

These two products / product ranges are the ONLY two which satisfy the minimum criteria I would require of an anti-virus product at this time.

1. Highest available, independently tested, rating for both “pro-active” & “on-demand” virus detection & removal, with lowest available “false-positives”.
2. Solid, reliable, company with assets to support it long term.
3. An intuitive & practical set of deployment & maintenace tools.
4. Industry leading price point across client, server & management tool licensing.

So it really is that easy! If you are not using one of these products in your corporate environment then you should be asking questions. These are the two clear “best” options, for enterprise anti-virus, world-wide.

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