Google is Down! (But only if you use BT!!)

Amazingly BT has managed to isolate itself (& all it’s users) from Google (Search), (Google Mail is fine) pulling large swathes of the Internet down with it for those users. Use a site with a Google Search API? (I.e. Twitter, YouTube, etc) then that’ll be down for you too!

I must admit I would have put money on this never happening, but it has! For 30 minutes now Google Search has been unavailable, and the knock on effect this has had on a huge proportion of internet users is significant. What does this tell us. Well firstly I’ll wager that Google will be back up for all us BT users before I publish this post, and secondly someone at BT is going to loose their job.

So at 16:28 GMT BT shut our Google access down, check by here to see when it comes back!

UPDATE: OK, Google’s back for BT users again, but it took them a financially excruciating 30 minutes + to sort it out!

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  1. Yes, our business broadband provided by BT was down from about 4:55pm ish.

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