Latest Intel “i” Series Processors / CPUs Explained

So the “i” series processors (i3, i5, i7 & i9) have been around a while¬† now, meaning we all know what the options are, right? No. Well at least we know that, say i5s are slower than i7s, right? Erm, no, don’t be hasty now!

Before we start we should be clear that the “i” moniker, followed by it’s relevant number should be understood as a “category” of processor, rather than necessarily indicating performace level.

To try and quantify all this naughtiness I’ve taken all Intel’s public data and done some VERY simple analysis on it (Only because I couldn’t find it anywhere else!)

My (highly subjective) results can be viewed in: PDF, XLS, XLSX or ODS format.

And are summarised in the image below (Click on it for the full size copy);

Intel i Series CPUs Table, Inc. Performance
Intel i Series CPUs Table, Inc. Performance

Also see the following useful links / resources;

Intel’s own tool to help you choose which processor to buy / specify!

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