Find below a “Vaccine” for the current strain of “NotPetya” which has been hitting large numbers of systems around Europe in the last 48 hours.

NotPetyaVaccine (Zip File)

To use the Vaccine;

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract the zip file.
  3. Read the “Instructions.txt” file. (Don’t worry, it’s very simple!)

In addition to this vaccine, if you keep your system and anti-virus up to date and behave safely online then you will almost certainly be safe, so don’t worry.

However, to improve your chances of avoiding contracting NotPetya please;

  1. Ensure you check for and apply all updates recommended by Microsoft (including all optional updates). The following provides a guide on how to do this;
  2. Ensure you have a full backup of your home systems & files. This should always be on a separate, external, disk (or in the cloud).
  3. Ensure you have fully updated security software on your system.
    If you don’t currently have any then I recommend Kaspersky as the most effective anti-malware software available;

  4. Do not open any email attachment you are not certain is secure.
  5. Do not click on any webpage, pop-up, button, link or control when browsing the internet if you are not absolutely certain it is secure. 
  6. Do not use any USB stick unless you are absolutely certain of its provenance.

Hopefully this will blow over again quickly, like the “WannaCry” malware did, and not affect you, or, indeed, anyone you know…

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