DNS Checker

Just thought I’d share: http://www.intodns.com an excellent DNS checker I just found, for those of you who find that sort of thing as interesting / valuable as I do! ๐Ÿ™‚

Email – RBL (Realtime Blackhole List(s))

If you manage your email services & you are experiencing a lot of undelivered / returned / “disappearing” outgoing email, although some outgoing messages get through, but incoming email is always delivered just fine, then it is highly likely that your outgoing email server (which may or may not be the same as your incoming …

Videos – Courtesy of the Beeb

And people complain about the license fee! Beauty, grace, danger, survival, etc (There are two videos on the page, both worth watching) One seriously determined cat! A meteorite falls in Utah. The future of food… now… Great stuff, and no rubbish to wade through to find it!


For anyone out there who enjoys a bit of “video gaming” why not check out my gaming alter ego’s (Rax / Raxous) “Gameography“, and see if we have any games in common in our back catalogs! Please bear in mind that this is an ongoing project, not yet a complete list of the games that …

Poem: Folklore 1

Below is a very small part of a poem I am working on for my book, it takes the form ofย  a simple traditional “folk” piece which will be recited by “common folk” in one of the earlier passages of the first chapter… … Upon the hills, Deep in the seas Amidst the clouds Above …

Photo Gallery: “Me”

Some photos of me through the years to help you identify me from “back in the day!” (As an extra bonus most of them provide for a jolly good laugh at my expense! ๐Ÿ™‚ ) [nggallery id=2]

Exchange 2003 Application Startup / Shutdown

Below are the commands to include in “Shutdown” & “Startup” batch files. These commands will fully shutdown / startup all Exchange 2003 services cleanly and in the correct order. These files are useful in a number of situations, particularly; 1. Pre server shutdown: Windows Server is not very good (OK, it’s terrible!) at managing these …

“Please exuse the mess!”

A quick apology for the rather odd structure of the site at the moment, you see I’m merging a number of my “web presences” into this site, suffice to say, come back in a few days and things will be back to normal! (Hopefully!)