Below is a very small part of a poem I am working on for my book, it takes the form of  a simple traditional “folk” piece which will be recited by “common folk” in one of the earlier passages of the first chapter…

Upon the hills,
Deep in the seas
Amidst the clouds
Above the trees
Under the mount
Around the vale
Along the river
Swift and pale

With the fishes
Birds and beasts
In the famine
And the feasts
Part of all
For from it made
Are all the things
Which do not fade

In the song
And whistled sound
In the wind
Blown all around
We can sense
What can’t be seen
And so we know
What it must mean

On the leaf
Around the stem
Within the blossom
Like a gem
Colours bright
Smell so sweet
Waters dancing
At our feet

At our call
As we swoop down
Feathers flashing
Dazzling gown
Mouth of gold
Jeweled back
Talon old
Eyes of black

Whilst not complete, this does impart a flavour of what I am trying to achieve within the introduction to the peoples featured in the book.

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