Some excellent PRINCE2 specific resources;

Developers & Maintainers (OGC)

Official PRINCE2 Site

Official Certification Body (APMG)

Summary Process Map (Best Printed on A3):

Project Management Software
(They also have a great free resources section)

Wiki / mini-quizzes & beyond
(Also see their PRINCE2 Processes & PRINCE2 Project Board “colour cards”)

Best UK Residential Course!


  1. Richard,

    I have just noticed this post coming up in our back links, just wanted to say thanks fo ppointing people our way Community Edition and the Free PRINCE2 resources seem to be very popular at present. We have also just launched a similar Primer for Managing Successful Programmes if you are interested in support of our Licensed MSP product.

    Cheers Malc

  2. Happy to help! You guys provide a fantastic resource, in both free & paid for approaches! Keep up the good work!

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