Amazon Glacier vs Google Nearline vs Azure Storage - Cloud Based Enterprise Data Archival Costs

Amazon Glacier vs Google Nearline vs Azure Storage

Despite the importance, and complexity, of theĀ enterprise cloud data archival space there is a dearth of simple, clear and equivalent comparisons of each of the major offerings (Amazon Glacier vs Google Nearline vs Azure Storage), particularly as concerns costs. Paramount to any foray into exploring these solutions as possible technologies to implement in your scenario …

Data Cables - Copper and Fiber - Bandwidth and Length

Data Cables – Copper & Fiber – Bandwidth & Length

We’ve recently been putting together some plans for new buildings and facilities. During this process we were debating which cabling approaches to take. Even amongst ourselves there was some some debate about where we could use Cat 5e or Cat 6, if we should invest in Cat 7 / Class F. When optical fiber would …

System Settings Configuration Manager

Just been using “Quick Config” an excellent tool for managing different system profiles in any version of Windows (inc Windows 7). It allows you to quickly & easily change; System, Network, Browser, Application & Desktop settings by swapping between profiles. You can create any number of said profiles, changing anything fromĀ a single setting to large …


Some useful ITIL resources; Developers & Maintainers (OGC) Official Site Official Certification Body (APMG) Summary Process Map (Best Printed on A3) (Requires Personal Information) Best UK Residential Course!

McAfee “False Positive” System Damage Repair – aka “5958”

Yesterday McAfee released an update (DAT No 5958) which incorrectly identified a vital Windows XP system file (svchost.exe) as a virus and deleted it, ( resulting in some or all of the following symptoms, amongst others; 1. Repeated rebooting of the system. 2. Loss of Windows “Theme” / “Look & Feel”. 3. Missing “Taskbar”. 4. …


Some excellent PRINCE2 specific resources; Developers & Maintainers (OGC) Official PRINCE2 Site Official Certification Body (APMG) Summary Process Map (Best Printed on A3): Project Management Software (They also have a great free resources section) Wiki / mini-quizzes & beyond (Also see their PRINCE2 Processes & PRINCE2 Project Board “colour cards”) Best UK Residential Course!