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Setup Virtual PC / Machine & XP Mode in Windows 7

Copying Windows 7 Virtual Machines

Disk Differencing in Virtual PC

Networking Summary for Virtual PC;
You only have a couple of options for giving your Virtual Machine access to networks, to configure these, fully shut down your Virtual Machine and then right click on it from the Virtual PC window, select “Settings”, and then click on “Networking” and select as required;
1. Not connected: No connection to any network allowed.
2. Internal network: Can only network with other Virtual Machines on the same host.
3. Shared networking:  Will NAT behind your own machine (i.e. will be on it’s own subnet)
4. Adapter List: Select the adapter you would like to piggy back. (i.e. it will access networks in exactly the same way \ at the same level as the host does with that networking device / driver).

Running other OSes in Windows 7
Virtual PC is excellent for running any flavour of Microsoft OS, desktop or server, however it is not as good for running non-Microsoft OSes. One of the best ways of doing this is to grab VirtualBox. It’s Open Source, so no cost regardless of role or level, and it’s got a solid community supporting it.

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