Windows 7 SP1 Goes Live (32-bit & 64-bit)

Time to run trusty old windows update and pickup Windows 7 SP1, which has literally just gone live.

In addition to the usual raft of security, performance & stability improvements we can also expect better HDMI audio interconnectivity, and better folder restoration… but will it cure the hit-and-miss content display refresh issues (certainly hope so, or my F5 key is liable to wear out!).

On a serious note it brings RemoteFX & Dynamic Memory to the client side which, specially if you like to virtualise or provide remote support, should be a significant boon.

So expect a hefty download next time you run windows update! (Ours only came in at 87.1MB on a fully patched Windows 7 Enterprise 64-bit system, but that standalone patcher is 2GB!!)

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