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  1. Hi Richard
    I hope you’re well and don’t mind me contacting you with a couple of questions.
    I have recently started working for a much smaller membership body (Institute of Food Science and Technology). I have a background in food science and marketing and am a firm advocate of powerful technological solutions to work related challenges. We manage CPD records at IFST and I know there are many other better systems available. I see from the RCVS website that you have recently launched your own CPD platform. I was wondering how you designed this -if you used proprietary software or custom built it your self. I notice you also have an app that from reviews posted has had a few teething problems. It would be great to share best practice in this area and find out what the challenges are!

  2. Richard Burley

    Very sorry to pick this up so many years later!
    I hope your project went well.

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