Greek & Roman Gods

Below is my very simple, clean & clear summary table of the most commonly discussed Greek & Roman gods, something I had surprising difficulty in finding online elsewhere!

It is worth noting that the Gods of each culture were based on the same core concept / understanding and as such they share both a structure and a style and so are relatively easy to compare. Fundamentally the Romans can be thought of as having “adopted” / “absorbed” the Greek gods into their culture / religions.

There are other, previous, generations in each culture most often referred to as “Primordials” (first generation) and “Titans” (second generation) with the gods in the table below forming the “third generation” of gods most often called “Olympians”. (This summary is a slight simplification, but broadly helpful in understanding these mythological basics).

Greek Roman Title
Zeus Jupiter King of Gods
Hera Juno Queen of the Gods, Women & Marriage
Hermes Mercury Messenger of the Gods
Apollo Phoebus Apollo God of Light
Poseidon Neptune God of the Sea
Ares Mars God of War
Hephasstus Vulcan God of Fire
Dionysus Bacchus God of Wine
Pan Faunus God of Woods and Pastures
Eros Cupid God of Love
Hades Pluto God of Underworld
N/A Janus God of Doors, Beginnings and Endings
Kronos Saturn God of Time, Harvest and Agriculture
Hephaestus Vulcan God of Fire, the Forge and Blacksmiths
Athena Minerva Goddess of Wisdom
Artemis Diana Goddess of the Hunt
Aphrodite Venus Goddess of Love/Beauty
Demeter Ceres Goddess of Grain/Crops
Maia Fauna Goddess of Animals
Chloris Flora Goddess of Flowers and Spring
Tyche Fortuna Goddess of Fortune
Hestia Vesta Goddess of the Hearth, Home and State

For more details of mythological gods, their “generations”, and how Greek and Roman “versions” compare, see:

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